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The International Journal of Educational Excellence (ISSN 2373-5929) is a multidisciplinary scientific journal which main objective is the dissemination of studies that provide answers to the main educational scientific and social problems present in higher education, in order to achieve excellence quality in all their areas. Papers will be welcomed, regardless of the subject area to which they belong as long as they entailed a contribution, innovation or breakthrough in the development of models of teaching or scientific research in the scientific world which lead to a social improvement. Research work performed in other educational levels may also be considered, if they demonstrate a strong and justified relationship to higher education. All papers submitted for publication must be unpublished and originals, and should not be under any evaluation procedure for publication in other journals. Theoretical work as well as work based on field studies and empirical laboratory experiments are accepted. All kinds of strategies and methodological approaches may have been used for the study. They have to comply within the parameters of current scientific and technological research. The review criteria and selection process will take into account mainly the quality of the work under consideration: if it makes a significant contribution to the object of interest, main interests of the journal and if it offers a breakthrough or significant contribution to the current scientific knowledge and, ultimately, if it contributes to the progress of our society. This journal is of free and direct access (Open Access, OA), and it serves the international scientific community and open knowledge. The journal is digitally published in order to keep all the features of traditional print journals. Articles will appear in PDF format, conveniently typeset and numbered as classical style journals. Therefore, it is our intention to facilitate their distribution and their scientific citation in accordance with all existing highest standards. Additionally, for the reader’s convenience chapters of the book can be printed in their full version as well as can be accessed in tis digital format, such as e-book. This publication takes advantage of newly implemented technologies in order to facilitate publishing and distribution, at the same time that takes into account the ecological aspect of paperless publishing. Nor can we forget the specific possibilities offered by electronic publishing, such as the quick and easy access to any item of each number by simply selecting it from the start index or by identifying hyperlinks that can be added by the authors to their articles.

Título International Journal of Educational Excellence
Título Abreviado Int. J. Educ. Excell.
País Puerto Rico
Situación Vigente
Año de inicio 2015
Año de Terminación 9999
Frecuencia Semestral
Tipo de publicación Publicación periódica
Soporte En línea
Idioma Inglés
ISSN 2373-5929
ISSN-L 2373-5929
Título propio
Otros Títulos IJEE
Título anterior
Título posterior
Temas Ciencias Sociales
Subtemas Ciencias sociales y humanidades, Educación, Educación superior, Pedagogía
Clasificación Decimal Universal 3
Clasificación Dewey 37
Organismo responsable Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez (SUAGM) Universidad Metropolitana (UMET)
Editorial Universidad Metropolitana (UMET)
Naturaleza de la publicación Revista de investigación científica
Naturaleza de la organización Institución educativa
Notas Volume 2, Number 1 (2016)
Revista arbitrada Si
Texto completo Cobertura Temporal Formato de Salida Acceso
2015- PDF Gratuito

Datos de Contacto

Responsables Prof. Dr. José Gómez Galán
Calle y Número PO Box 21150
Sector / Barrio / Colonia
Ciudad Cupey
Estado / Provincia / Departamento San Juan, Puerto Rico
Lugar Universidad Metropolitana (UMET). Escuela de Educación,
Teléfono (787) 766-1717 Ext. 6939
Sitio web de difusión
Código Postal 00928-1150
Apartado Postal

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Centro de Acopio Puerto Rico
Fecha de Alta 2015-12-09
Fecha de Modificación 2019-09-09

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