Online Regional Information System for Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal
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  • What kind of information Latindex offers?


    Latindex provides bibliographic and qualitative information about printed and digital academic journals, which are published in Latin-America and the Caribean. It includes latinamerican journals published on non-latinoamerican countries.

  • How Latindex works?


    Latindex works thanks to a network of institutions which register and update journals data of the institution's country. The system has a general coordination at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where the informatic systems resides too.

  • What are the Latindex's products?


    Latindex has 4 products:

    • Directory: Wide inventory of academic interest journals, in publishing and finished.

    • Catalog: A journal's selection which has the publishing quality criteria created by Latindex.

    • e-Journals: Links to sites where e-journals can display full text.

    • Portal of Portals: Full text access to academic journals available on portals produced in Latin-America, joined to Open Access movement.

  • What information is provided by Directory?


    Directory registers the bibliographic and published information of each journal, shows data such as title, original country, subjects, publisher, responsable, contact, stock, pricing among others.

  • What information is provided by Catalog?


    Shows the check-in of publishing quality criteria. For more information, please check the “Documents” section at home page.

  • What information is provided by e-journals?


    It's posible to have access to the full text articles published by every journal, through by links provided by Latindex. The search took place on the websites of each journal and the access politic depends of every linked website.

  • What kind of search can I do?


    From home page, you can search by title, keyword or ISSN number. Or you can check journals listed by title, subject, country, region, publisher or index service. For advance search, click on the left-side button.

  • How can I check if my journal applies to be include in Directory?


    Check the “Organization”; section where you can get the Latindex's coordinator contact by country. Or you can use the form availabe on “Editors” section.

  • How can I check if my journal applies to be include in Catalog?


    If you wish your catalog be consider for the Catalog, you must comunnicate with the institution that represent your country, if doesn't exist, mail to the regional coordinator in Mexico to

  • Where can I check the quality criteria for journals?


    Currently exists 33 quality criteria for journals and you can check it at:

  • Where can I check the quality criteria for e-journals?


    Currently exists 36 quality criteria for e-journals and you can check it at:

  • How can I update the journals' data?


    Check the “Editors” section. You must sign in to register a new journal or update it. The information will be check by the reponsable insititution. Or contact with the partnership that represent your country, or send an email to

  • What do I need to do to keep my journal?


    You must update your journal's data and notify in the editors module or contact with the local coordinator.

  • How much cost register and search in Latindex?


    Register it's free, please checks requiriments and procedures. Search is completely free.

  • Showing results: What's the diference between “Journals” and “Single Titles”?


    On Latindex, a journal can have more than one register deppending of their support, for example, (printed) + (online) throws 2 registers. Search by journal shows every register asociated, showing all their supports. Searches by “Single Titles” group them for each title.