Online Regional Information System for Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal
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Latindex it is based on the cooperation of a network of institutions that operate in coordination for for the gathering and dissemination of relevant bibliographic information and editorial-quality criteria concerning the scientific serial publications produced in the region.

Latindex is an information system on scholarly journals (research, professional / trade, and cultural dissemination) published in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. The idea of creating Latindex emerged in 1995 at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); the system became a regional cooperation network in 1997.

Currently, Latindex offers four databases: 1) Directory  with bibliographic and contact data of all registered journals published either in print or electronic format. 2) Catalog  which includes only the journals (print or electronic) that meet a set of editorial-quality criteria designed by Latindex. 3) E-journals  which allows access to the full text on the sites that is available. Products; 4)   Portal of Portals,  It provides access to the full text of a selection of Ibero-American journals available in portals of the region. In the Products section, there is a more detailed description of these resources and how to consult them.


The system's mission is to disseminate, make available and to improve the quality of scholarly journals published in the region, all this based on shared work.

Its specific objectives are:

Establish policies and actions leading to:

  1. Integrate the efforts made in Ibero-America regarding production, distribution, registration and use of academic journals.
  2. Strengthen and improve the quality and impact of our journals.
  3. Provide greater visibility and international coverage to Latin American journals.
  4. Use the processed information for the making of by-products.
  5. Influencing the national and international spheres in the fields of information, documentation, and scientific publication.


Latindex potential users are those who use, exchange and generate scientific information published in the region such as researchers, teachers, students, publishers, librarians and information specialists.

Latindex also serves the international community (organizations and individuals) interested in the content, topics, and activities related to science and scientific information in the region.


  1. Geographical: Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal.
  2. Subject: Covers all disciplines. Journal classification considers seven groups: Arts and Humanities, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences and, Multidisciplinary.
  3. Language: Languages used in Ibero-America.
  4. Support: Print and electronic journals.